Mobile Wave Solutions is helping two charity organisations this year support students in getting a great start to the school year. Our “Back to School” charity campaign transformed into a team building with purpose: our team was actively involved in raising substantial funds for school supplies and donating clothes and shoes.

“Education is key to shaping a better society. Every child deserves to experience those fundamental years of their lives with access to the resources they will need to have the best chance to succeed. That is why we believe that helping students from vulnerable groups is extremely important and it is also really rewarding for us as a team.” shares Jahonoro Veselinova, HR & Marketing Director.

Charity initiatives are part of our plan of events through the year, every year and our team has evolved into a truly supportive community that is always keen to participate in these community activities. This year, however, our campaign has aimed to be even bigger in its reach and impact. And, this year, we are supporting not just one, but two organisations - “Mercy for You” and “Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria”. 

With the donations collected, Mobile Wave Solutions bought numerous school supplies from notebooks to drawing materials to backpacks. We gave the opportunity to our team to choose from donating money or old clothes & shoes that can be used by students. In this way we managed to collect a variety of school supplies and to answer the needs of more than 250 students providing them with means to pursue their education.


About the two campaigns:

Mercy for You is an association with an important mission: to support children from various vulnerable groups who are at risk of dropping out of the education system due to their low socioeconomic status. This year they aimed to help 250 students from 1st to 12th grade to start the school year equally with everyone else and to be in class with full backpacks and smiles.

Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria is an organization providing humanitarian aid. Their mission is to help all refugees in the process of their integration in the Bulgarian society. They support the process of enrolling refugee children in school, while at the same time providing them with the necessary tools and resources.