We specialise in MOBILE / Our passion is TECHNOLOGY
Our passion is technology and we have spent more than 15 years innovating
in the mobile market. We started with Symbian and Windows Mobile
and continued with Blackbery, iOS, Android and mobile web.
We believe mobile technology is like a wave. You need to
catch it in order to stay on top. Here is how we
managed to stay on top of the mobile wave.
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The IT service industry is changing quickly.
Service provides need cost effective, scalable
ways to own more of the user experience
and to differentiate their offering.
Existing software services companies
have not adapted, and still provide
options that are rigid, expensive
and do not give clients
control and ownership.




adapt to
own your


At Mobile Wave Solutions

we offer an enhanced set of flexible professional services that address your business challenges directly.

Based on three simple principles our goal is to give you all the advantages of an internal team combined with the benefits of working with an expert, industry specific technology partner.





Shared IP
We are not greedy when it comes to IP ownership!
If you are leading the innovation then
we are happy for you to own the IP.
If we are partnering on Innovation
then we will share the IP.


Integrated teams
We believe the best products come
out of autonomous, multi-skilled teams
which is why we will embed our people
within your team and processes.


Experienced people
We have brought together a unique set of skills
in our team combining mobile development
and professional service veterans
with gaming industry experts.


We don’t want to tie you down
A key part of the benefit we bring is
to allow you to create and scale expert
development teams quickly.




Our Clients Always Come First
With more than 100+ people including front-end developers,
back-end developers, mobile developers, architects, manual
and automation QAs, DevOps and PM, we are confident we
have the resources and tools to boost your project.


Your Teams, Your Rules
We can provide you an end to end solution
or a completely dedicated team that will
work on your project with the process you define.
You want Scrum, we have it. You prefer Squads, we have them.


Your Priorities Are Our Priorities
Our definition of success is your success.
Let’s create successful stories together.