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Quality Recruitment - The Key to Business Success

Why is it key to provide quality recruitment and what matters the most? 

Quality recruitment is key for the successful operation and sustainable growth of every company out there. The key factors we are focusing on are to find people with the right technical skills that would embrace the company culture but also set up an environment where they can operate under “healthy” challenges that would ideally help them grow as professionals. 

What does differentiate our approach when it comes to recruitment?

Our team is responsible for finding the right people in the right roles in order to drive our organization’s success forward. То accomplish this, mastering the art of differentiation is imperative. It requires that we constantly evaluate what we say and how to say it to make sure it has the desired impact.

One of our goals is to show candidates how exactly we at Mobile Wave Solutions are doing things differently. We’re candidate-driven. Our team is proactively building relationships with candidates - we give each candidate a better experience through creating a casual, conversational setting. We believe that candidates are interviewing us just as much as we are interviewing them in the interview process. The main idea is to start to get to know each other and build up a relationship with the best professionals on the market.

We differentiate our outreach - we get creative through appealing to candidates’ interests, and show them why our opportunity is a logical next step for their professional development.

What challenges do you encounter during remote hiring and how do you solve them? 

Remote hiring brings huge flexibility to the table but along with it  the cost of slim to no personal contact during the interviews and the onboarding process. Those are factors that make the  adoption of the company culture and proper integration into the team more complex for everybody involved.  We have tried to solve that with well developed and easy to use internal communication channels, initiatives; onside onboarding (where possible), company events, business travels/training, as well as keeping close relationship and personal approach.

What strategies do you use to adapt to the changing recruitment landscape? 

We have established a lean and optimized recruitment process that combines four main principles:

1.   We interview for skills, not for positions. At Mobile Wave Solutions, we use a customized approach including panel interviews with the leadership team. The main goal is to match the potential candidate with the role that would be most suitable for them and at the same time that meets business needs and expectations.

2.   Individual approach to the onbоarding is a must. The wellbeing of our employees is vital from day one, that is why we make sure our remote employees have the chance to visit the office, meet their colleagues and the company on site. Whether it takes one or two weeks, we ensure people are properly onboarded, acquainted with the company’s processes and well integrated within their teams.

3.    We provide opportunities for internal academy. As soon as we recognize a talent, we have the capability to provide them several weeks of dedicated training before introducing them to the client. This has been proven as a great approach that gives people more confidence and helps them bring out their best selves during the actual project work.

4.    We constantly optimize our retention policy and benefits package. Our company has adopted and introduced a “work-from-anywhere” policy and also keeps the office buzzing. In that way we offer real flexibility and the chance for people to decide for themselves where their workplace is. 


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