On the 13th of July at the official ceremony, we celebrated the winners of Employer of Choice Awards 2022. We won an award with our project related to supporting education internally and externally. Our aim was and continues to be to provide upskilling opportunities for our people and support their personal growth, as well as to help the industry by training external people and preparing them for their career start in the IT industry.

In Mobile Wave Solutions PEOPLE come first, so personal development is one of the core values of the company.  As our employees are the most valuable asset of our business, we invest in additional qualifications and upskilling for them. We implemented this in the following directions:

  • Dedicate a separate training budget for every member of our team and provide them with the opportunity to choose how to expand their knowledge.
  • Select and organize different technical or soft skills training with external training companies.
  • As independent communication in English is crucial for our business, we organize special language courses.
  • Last but not least we evaluated the power of internal knowledge sharing, so supporting and encouraging it is a priority for us.

Having in mind the permanently growing need for technical professionals observed on the market in the last decade, we decided to launch our first Training Academy for Java and JavaScript developers. The main purpose of MWS Academy was to support the IT sector of Bulgaria by providing more than 20 enthusiastic and motivated students with а solid training program. Of course, this mission wouldn't be possible without the help, guidance, and dedication of our inspirational internal mentors.

We are proud of this Award and will continue to put more and more effort in this direction.