Mobile Waves Solutions at Legion Run 2022

An epic journey this year at our Mobile Wave Solutions Legion Run participation! We had to run, climb very high walls, jump into the mud, pass through icy water, balance together hand in hand and many more challenges under the burning July sun. We passed through all the 25 obstacles together - 30 people deserved to be named Legionnaires. The most important was that we realized how strong our team could be working together and helping each other in every challenge on our way. After four hours on the field, we were tired, dirty, wet, but very, very happy!


To add value and support to our brave team our company became the main tech sponsor of the event. We had our tent in the festival zone and plenty of attractions and gifts for all the people that have decided to try this great challenge.


We are proud of being part of such a big event. We proved once again the power of our team, together in every challenge we face on the field and at work.