Mobile Wave Solutions is teaming up with the Bulgarian Embassy in Washington, the Bulgarian Consulate in Los Angeles and the US-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce to present an exclusive FREE live online broadcast, aimed at helping businesses based in the US understand and negotiate the GDPR minefield.


GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is the EU Law governing  data protection and privacy in the European Union and the European Economic Area. It also covers the transfer of personal data outside the EU and EEA areas, and any US business which handles personal data of European citizens is subject to its rules - and fines!

The session will give businesses a straightforward guide to GDPR including:

  • Basic principles - Why GDPR been introduced across Europe
  • How does it affect businesses in the USA? 
  • Best practices, examples, risks and fines
  • Effective strategy for GDPR - data management and nearshoring 

Featuring a leading subject matter expert, the 1-hour session is presented by Mobile Wave Solutions - a leading provider of technical development solutions, based in London, UK and Sofia, Bulgaria. 

Ivo Konstantinov, Head of Economic Section at the Embassy of Bulgaria to the United States, said: “We know that many US businesses have an urgent need for clear guidance and help on GDPR - this session will be a chance to unravel and de-mystify the complexities of this regulation - and its impact on US businesses.” 

Eliz Nestorov, President & Co-Founder at US-Bulgarian Chamber, said: “We are always aiming to help US businesses grow their knowledge of European legislation which has a direct impact on their operations. This session will be a great opportunity to build a better understanding of GDPR, and avoid the pit-falls and mistakes of others.”

Lubka Katchakova, Economic Counselor at the Bulgarian Consulate General, Los Angeles said: “Although GDPR compliance is still a big challenge for a lot of US businesses, this regulation should not be a burden for their growth in Europe.  This seminar will be led by a subject-matter expert, who will share not only their knowledge, but also extensive practical examples of implementing GDPR in Europe: And this is priceless!”   

Omid Rezvani, CEO of Mobile Wave Solutions, added: “As an emerging European tech business, we recognise how complex and restrictive EU legislation can seem - we are pleased to bring this free session to America, helping US businesses better understand GDPR.”

The session will be run twice, live, on Wednesday 7th July:

  • 10am Eastern Time  
  • 10am Pacific Time 

The online session is open to any US-based business, interested in learning more about GDPR.

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