Easter is not only a holiday, but also an opportunity to demonstrate love, bring peace and do good for those who cannot afford to celebrate this special day the way they might wish to. At Mobile Wave Solutions we passionately support different charity initiatives aimed at people and associations most in need.

This year we are helping the association “Be good! Make good!" to provide elderly people from small villages in Bulgaria with urgently needed supplies. With the amount we collected we were able to buy large quantities of food, groceries and household essentials which will hopefully make their Easter celebration more positive and memorable. To learn more about the initiative, please visit this page.

At Mobile Wave Solutions we promote a culture of giving and caring, and since 2016 we have established this theme as a key part of our internal initiatives, activities and events. Mobile Wave doubled the amount that our generous team collected and donated for the campaign. This is something we are proud to do each time our team makes a donation to a charity association, through one of our initiatives.


For this campaign we would like to thank Supermag for helping us deliver all these goods to the elderly people in Vratsa.