At Mobile Wave Solutions, we're passionate about embracing the digital future in both the world and Bulgaria specifically. We believe that collective efforts towards environmental protection can make our Earth a better place to live. Our CEO, Omid Rezvani, shares this conviction, recognising that our most valuable asset is our people. With this in mind, we've been working hard to find effective ways to digitise our HR processes.

Our primary goal is to create an electronic employment file for each employee, covering all HR processes from employment contracts to leave requests, contract annexes, and termination. By doing this, we can contribute to a cleaner environment and have happier employees, free from unnecessary paperwork.

The COVID-19 pandemic proved to be a catalyst for our decision to go fully digital, legal, and secure with our labor administration processes. As remote work became the norm, we had to adapt quickly to changing employment contracts, with the physical delivery of contract annexes being both time-consuming and error-prone.

Our HR Digital project aims to empower employees to sign documents remotely and online, wherever they may be. This not only helps make the planet cleaner by reducing paper usage but also saves valuable time for our employees. In the long run, we hope to create a more peaceful and efficient working environment, enabling our team members to focus on more productive activities.

While the cost of implementing these digital solutions may be a challenge at present, we believe that over time, this will no longer be an issue. Bulgarian companies are ready to embrace this digital path, and with supportive legislation and increased electronic services, we expect more businesses to adopt digital administrative processes. The present is digital, and the future will be even more so.

In conclusion, our HR Digital project is a crucial step toward a digital future, and we hope to inspire other businesses to follow our lead. By embracing these changes, we can work from anywhere, travel the world, and contribute to a cleaner, more efficient planet.