In June in Mobile Wave Solutions we organized our first Green office for this summer season. It was an amazing experience for all of us, we enjoyed being together, working, and having fun in the pureness of nature.

As a flexible and people-centric company, we have adopted the hybrid model and provide an opportunity for everyone to make personal choices and work from where they feel best. Although we know that in-office work creates a more cohesive and team atmosphere, so we aim to organize different initiatives to gather people either in the office or elsewhere where they can work together. Thus, the idea for the Green office was born.

We organized a daily experience at Vitosha mountain, where our people have had the chance to work in the open air and be together with their colleagues. Septemvri Hut was our host and provided us with very good conditions to assure a smooth working process without any challenges with connection or else. We enjoyed the delicious food prepared on-site and of course the amazing mekitzi.

Our working day finished with a knowledge-sharing event, where one of our teams presented their project and work.
In the end, we had a small talk event with some snacks and drinks. More than 30 people attended this event and all of them were very refreshed, happy, and grateful.