End-to-End Solutions

Mobile Wave Solutions works with its customers to deliver on all aspects of the software development lifecycle.

We provide expertise in key components of the end-to-end software development solution:

  • Project Management and Business Analysis

  • Software Development

  • Quality Assurance (Manual Automation)

  • Software Deployment and Support (DevOps)


Project & Programme Management

Project & Programme Management

Transformative Project Leadership

  • Agile Methodologies: Combining agile practices with traditional project management for successful delivery. Our approach ensures flexibility, adaptability, and continuous improvement, which are critical in today’s fast-paced digital environment.
  • Core Phases: From planning and strategy to milestone delivery, we ensure your projects are on track and goals are met efficiently. Each phase is meticulously managed to maintain high standards of quality and timeliness.
  • Comprehensive Oversight: In the world of software development, Project & Programme Management is crucial for coordinating complex tasks, timelines, and resources. Mobile Wave Solutions helps businesses by implementing structured methodologies to enhance productivity and deliver successful projects. Our experienced project managers bring clarity and focus, driving projects from conception to completion.

Core phases of management and delivery:

  1. Planning Phase
  2. Product Increment Workshop
  3. Sprint Based Planning
  4. Milestone Delivery

Product & Business Analysts

Mobile Wave Solutions has a Business and Product Analyst team to help our Customers drive and support the information and decisions around product development & strategy.

That team also delivers the BA function around requirements gathering, analysis and validation, especially for projects that involve platform integrations.

Technology & Solution Architects

We collaborate with clients to evaluate their whole technology eco-system and can assess how their business challenges can be addressed through new technology or an architecture rethink.

We are experienced in effecting seamless systematic tranformation and skilled at multi-level change-management, which can revolutionalise day-to-day operations and maximise efficiency.

Software development

Front-end Development

Due to dominance of mobiles in a social and commercial context, we have been developing to a "mobile first" strategy ever since our foundation. We develop across mobile web, hybrid and native platforms for our customers and their products.

Website & Mobile-web Development

When it comes to front-end web applications, we always strive to fit ‘the right tech for the right application’ and keep ahead of all the latest developments.

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Native mobile & Apps

We can help you navigate the App development choices and frameworks
to best fit your needs and also to consult on the overall strategy regarding
platform development.

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Server-side Development

Server-side Development

Most software Product development utilises data from a database, a server, a CMS, a third party … or all of the above! 

Mobile Wave Solutions has extensive experience in developing the Integration tiers and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that enable different Platforms and Apps to talk to one-another and deliver data and content in the required manner to achieve a Customer’s goals and aims.

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Cloud Platform Development

Cloud Platform Development

Mobile Wave Solutions can help your business move to a technology architecture that is more ‘distributed’, more flexible and scalable and with less fixed commitment, using some of the most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platforms.

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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

A critical part of the SDLC is the Quality Assurance cycle. Mobile Wave Solutions recognised this ‘from the get-go’ and supplies QA teams to work with development teams. As with the development teams we ensure a mix of QA skills in a mix of broad discipline types: front-end, manual web QA, manual Native Mobile QA, automation QA, Software Development Test Engineers. 

Within Automation QA and SDET groups we also have speciality in working with the major tools in the marketplace. The QA function can be as part of a Mobile Wave Solutions' development team or can work with our customer development teams.


Mobile Wave Solutions works with customers either as a ‘stand-alone’ consultancy exercise, or as part of a wider development relationship to help distil the core business objectives and identify the best strategies and routes to deliver those objectives not just for the transformation at hand but readying architecture for a permanent digital revolution. 

The areas of strategic consultation in which we specialise are cloud-based platform architecture and delivery; mobile application development; multi-service integration API architectures; and Omni-channel transformation projects.