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Based in London & Sofia

Based in London & Sofia

Our team is based across London and Sofia, supporting our clients and delivering scalable & affordable software development expertise combining the very best talent from Bulgaria and the UK.



2014 The beginning 2017 25 employees 2018 55 employees 2024 130+ employees
The Team

The Team

Mobile Wave Solutions supports multiple development languages, across desktop and mobile.

120+ Team, including:

  • 50+ developers
  • 5+ tech leads/ architects
  • 20+ QAs

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Sofia - a hub of technical excellence, a city of culture

Mobile Wave Solutions’ technical hub is located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Sofia is very convenient for customers travelling from outside of Bulgaria with direct and regular flights from all the major cities in Europe and beyond. The office is now over three floors in the same building, housing over 100 staff across open spaces, fully equipped meeting rooms and a relaxation area. Conveniently located only 20 minutes drive from the airport and the City centre.

Sofia is an ideal location to grow in terms of its skilled technology workforce market. We have excellent relationships with the major technology colleges and universities, ensuring a constant flow of high-quality candidates across technology disciplines. 

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Our Clients

We partner with leading companies across a range of verticals, including logistics, hospitality, publishing and sports.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Get In Touch                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Our Culture

Our Culture

We value each individual's contribution, we are a working community.

We respect our colleagues, our workplace and our environment.

We encourage innovation, individualism and freedom of expression.

We enhance our teams’ working life with events, entertainment and adventures! 

We reward loyalty - with workplace benefits and investment in development.