Engagement Model

Mobile Wave Solutions aims to develop and deliver outstanding digital customer experiences.


We are passionate about technology, collaboration and quality. Co-operation and working together are vital elements of our ethos -  we stand together as a team and work to drive the same goals.

These are the same principles and approaches that we take to our relationships with our customers and their teams.


How Do We Engage with Customers

We offer an enhanced set of flexible professional services that address your business challenges directly.

Based on three simple principles:

  • we must innovate and provide a framework for growth & evolution;
  • we must deliver effectively to our partners’ needs and goals;
  • we share ownership with our partners. 

Our goal is to give you all the advantages of an internal team combined with the benefits of working with an expert technology and delivery partner. 


Steering & Programs

We recognise the scope of work and engagement can vary between customers. However, there is constant value in ‘Program’ or ‘Steering’ level communication throughout all projects.

At a senior, C-level we seek to have regular communication to understand opportunities and any pain points where we can recommend or propose changes to improve on performance and key metrics. This can either be directly related to the Program or at a wider business level.


Resourcing and Scale

One of our guiding principles is that any structure and organisation we choose must scale. We have proven our ability to build productive and efficient teams quickly, across a range of development skill sets and functions.

Mobile Wave Solutions encourages its team to learn and engage in projects across different languages (e.g. multiple .js variations) and specialities (e.g. multiple Automation QA tools). 

The best way to ensure the availability of scale for customer projects is to have people embedded in the business and ready to be allocated at short notice.