A Mission to Give Even More 


One of the sentences etched in my mind was captured in a powerful speech by Omid Rezvani, the CEO of Mobile Wave Solutions, during an event held at the Sofia office. He stood before more than 20 exceptional children from Ukraine and Syria, granted refugee status, and invited through the Arms Wide Open's summer program, an association known as Сдружение "Отворени обятия". The purpose of their visit was to meet the CEO, experience a day at the office, and gain insights into professions like software development.

The sentence that resonated deeply was:

“If you want to succeed, you have to give even more,” he declared, opening his arms wide in a gesture of giving.

It was a lengthy and impactful speech, filled with inspiring advice, real-life examples, and numerous insights, all coming directly from the head of the company. The most valuable outcome was that the children began asking questions—not just one or two—they were engaged and eager to receive and learn more, which is truly priceless.

I am commencing this article with this introduction because having a tangible example in the form of the company's leader makes it easier to follow.

At Mobile Wave Solutions, we believe in this philosophy and strive to give even more through our internal initiatives that support significant missions.



Supporting the organization “Arms Wide Open” by donating 16 office desks, involving the kids in our daily routine, and opening our arms and welcoming them to our office was an amazing experience that left an indelible mark on all of us in our last year's big mission to give even more.    




All the donations in our traditional Baba Marta Charity Market were to support the Bulgarian Red Cross organization in helping the victims of the strongest earthquakes in Turkey and Syria during March 2023. 



Amazing team + Mobile Wave Solutions = Powerful participation in Operation Plush Bear/ Операция "Плюшено мече" one of the most powerful Christmas initiatives. Thanks to the generosity, kindness, and empathy of our colleagues and Mobile Wave Solutions, last Christmas was truly magical for the children at the "Nadezhda" Family-type Accommodation Center in Dupnitsa.


Visiting the center and seeing all these little faces lighted up by our visit was a blessing experience that left a sense of warmth and joy in our hearts.


Капачки за Бъдеще - "Caps for the Future" is one of the most successful campaigns that has been working miracles in Bulgaria for years, and we support it every year. We've brought all the plastic bottles, caps, and cans that our amazing team collected over the last 6th months. Thanks to every person, the 6th Children's Ambulance is on its way to becoming a reality.



Under the Christmas tree, our colleagues received a special gift with a heart. In each present was hidden our support for Социалната Чайна - The Social Teahouse In Varna in their goal to help young people from a problematic social environment by giving them opportunities and tools to live an independent life and build themselves up both personally and professionally.



A mission to Give Even More in 2024 is on our TO-DO LIST…