Complex Web Apps
We’ve been designing and developing responsive
web applications for a while and we know the power
of React, AngularJS and HTML5.


Mobile Apps
We know how mobile apps can shape your business.
That’s why we have a dedicated teams that can handle both
native and hybrid (React Native) apps. We’ve been developing
and supporting dozens of apps for different industry sectors.


Backend can be even more important than frontend
and it is the invisible part of the iceberg. We know every
project is unique and has its own requirements.
That’s why we developed a variarity of skills – Java,
Python, PHP, Node.js and more.




Do you want to migrate your systems on the Cloud
or you want to start fresh there? We’ve done both and
have the expertise to guide you through the jungles
of the cloud solutions. Whether it’s AWS, Azure, GCP
or even Digital Ocean, we’ve got you covered.


Project Management
Software project management can be a maze.
That’s why we have a PMO with senior project managers
ready to step in and manage your project.


Once your project is ready, we provide support and
BAU work to help you keep the light on.